Fungal and Bioassay Divisions at the AVC

Lab Space and Equipment
This laboratory space is focused upon fungal isolation, fermentation and extraction in addition to the preparation and evaluation of antimicrobial assays.  Several mulit-user locations are also available on the 3rd floor of the North Annex, where we carry out media preparation, PCR amplification, and cell culture work (in a dedicated cell culture lab).
Various incubators allow for culturing pathogens for antimicrobial assays at various temperatures.
Biological Safety Cabinet used for working in a sterile environment
Temperature controlled shaking incubator where we can carry out shaken fermentations of various volumes ranging from 20 mL - 2 L.
Temeperature controlled standing incubator where we culture our fungi and carry out static fermentations.
Chemistry work station: fumehood and lab bench.
Various tools are available for the extraction and processing of fungal fermentations.
Microscopy work station: Disecting scope and compound microscope used for morphological identification.
Shaking Incubator used for culturing seed inoculum for fermenations and assays.

Vacuum concentrator (SpeedVac) used for extract evaporation when generating mother/daughter plates for antimicrobial assays.

Spectrophotometer/Fluorometer and stacking robot used for evaluating results from 96 well assay plates.

Various bench spaces are available to carry out routine lab activities such as DNA extraction and assay plate preparation.