Marine Microbes as a New Source of Ingredients for the Personal Care Industry


This project represents an exciting collaboration between our group at UPEI, Nautilus Biosciences Canada and Croda International, a world leader in specialty chemicals.  The collaboration aims to harness the chemical production capabilities of microbes of marine origin for the sustainable production of active ingredients in personal care products. To achieve this goal, we will expand the existing marine microbial collection (the Marine Natural Products Bank, MNPB) through collections of marine sediment, algae and invertebrates in diverse geographic locations.  Microbes will be purified from these samples and fermented under conditions designed to produce natural products with specific properties.  Specifically, extracts of cultured microbes will be tested for the presence of biosurfactants, bioemulsifiers, antimicrobial agents, biofilm dispersants, UV protectants, antioxidants and keratinases.  These activities have been identified as key to personal care products being developed by Nautilus partner Croda.