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2010 Expedition to Barbados

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 18:08 -- Fabrice Berrue

Februrary 2010 Trip to Barbados

Jennifer Cuillerier, Rebecca Pike, Beth Pearce (grad students) Brad Haltli, and Russ Kerr spent a week in Barbados to conduct field work. We were joined by two graduate students in Dr. Tinto’s group – Ann Seebaran and Troy Cumberbatch. Collections of invertebrates were conducted for the purpose of isolating microbes for drug discovery projects, and Jenn, Becca and Beth conducted field work for a Marine Natural Products course.

Beach across the road from rental house
Becca, Russ, Jenn and Winston
Becca, Beth and Jenn
Ann, Troy and Jenn outside the dive shop
Becca and Jenn getting ready for a dive
Jenn, Russ, Ann, Troy, Brad, Becca and Beth
Renatta Goodridge, local sponge
taxonomist (UWI) joined us for a few dives.
One of the colourful dive boats that we used.