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KerrLab HRMS facility


The Kerr Marine Natural Products Lab has state-of-the-art equipment to conduct natural-product drug-discovery research.  Two complimentary LC-HRMS instruments provides our lab with strong capabilities for the analysis of natural product extracts, the quantification of targeted metabolites in complex samples and the study of microbial secondary metabolomes using LC-HRMS assisted with statistical analyses.

The Kerr Lab HRMS facility has recently developed an innovative methodology to dereplicate microbial strains by metabolomics approaches while providing the abilityto identify putative novel chemical entities as natural product discovery leads.

The HRMS facility is available for consultation with all researchers on the UPEI campus as well as other universities to develop collaborative projects and assist researchers with mass spectrometry expertise.  Mass spectrometry service is also available for academic institution and private companies on a fee-for-service basis (service rates).

For more information please contact us, we would be pleased to help you with your sample analysis.

System 1: LC-HRMS-PDA with an Orbitrap LTQ-Velos (Thermo Scientific) using either ESI or APCI ionization source is an ideal system for the quantification and the identification of natural products from pure samples or mixtures. This instrument can also perform tandem mass spectrometry MS(n) experiments and assist researchers with the structure elucidation of unknown molecules.


System 2: LC-HRMS-ELSD with an Exactive mass spectrometer (Thermo Scientific) coupled to a universal evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) is a perfect combination for the rapid screening of natural product extracts.